As Fall time approaches we are reminded that fashion is ever-changing and cyclical, but jewelry fashion is personal, timeless, and the shifts are slower. We look to this year’s Fall and Winter 2022 fashion shows for Fall jewelry inspiration and insight. This Fall expects more accessories, chunky statement pieces, and hints of nature. Read on to learn more about his years Fall jewelry trends.

Cuffing Season

We all remember the big chunky, and layered bangles of the early 2000s. It was a staple to any look, and added personality to any outfit. Loud, and not always the most convenient fashion staple, we never thought this trend would be back- but it is!

Big bangles, worn alone and stacked, were one of the highlights of Chanel’s Fall/Winter 2022 runway. These statement bracelets were also worn in Saint Laurents latest Fall/Winter runway. This trend may not be for everyone, but fashion forecasting predicts bangles are back!

Natural Beauty

Natural elements in jewelry have come and gone over the years- they give a vintage feel to a simple outfit and can elevate any look. This Fall expects over-the-top floral statement pieces integrated into chokers, chains, and bangles. This shift to gaudy, nature-inspired looks can be seen with statement pieces from Miu Miu and Carolina Herrera’s Fall/Winter runways.

Whether it’s pearls, crystals, or florals- we’re sure to see more nature-inspired jewelry looks this Fall than in years past. As we have seen in several fashion shows this year, expect a shift in jewelry fashion from sleek and modern to chunky statement pieces made in part by natural materials.

Time for Chains

Chains are timeless, they are a part of almost everyone’s personal style and they can pair with any outfit. From thin to thick, gold and silver chains are everywhere. This simple statement can elevate any look. Several 2022 Fall/Winter runways showcased bulky gold and silver statement chains.

Chokers have been a staple in the past, and they have recently become more popular. Chanel and Versace recently showcased layer chokers with multiple kinds of materials; pearl, velvet, and metal. This Fall remember more is more!

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