Fine jewelry can have great value, both monetarily and personally. Routine jewelry maintenance is important in maintaining this value and keeping your jewelry as beautiful as the day you received it. Jackson Square Fine Jewelers offers many jewelry repair and maintenance services to help you keep your jewelry in pristine condition. From jewelry inspections to jewelry cleanings, we want to help you retain your jewelry’s value through regular jewelry services from a jeweler you can trust.

Routine Jewelry Inspections

Oftentimes people don’t think to get their ring inspected until something goes wrong, but everyday wear and tear on your jewelry is inevitable. The most susceptible part of a ring is typically its prongs. They are prone to getting bumped or snagging on clothing, which can, in turn, loosen them. Replacing a gem is much more costly than fixing a defective prong. A damaged prong is not always visible to everyday ring-wearers, though. That’s why we suggest you get your jewelry inspected at least every six months to ensure that your jewelry remains in top condition. At Jackson Square Fine Jewelers, our professionals have a trained eye when examining jewelry, along with magnifying tools to help identify issues that are invisible to the naked eye. This process is especially important for jewelry that is worn every day, such as a wedding ring.  We work to inspect for defective prongs, along with loose gemstones, and many other potential damages. Jewelry inspections are just one of the vital jewelry services that Jackson Square Fine Jewelers offers to ensure your jewelry stays in good condition, maintaining its beauty and value.

Jewelry Repair

Though routine jewelry maintenance is important, sometimes required jewelry repairs are inevitable. It is important to get your jewelry repaired right when you notice the defect in your jewelry in order to prevent any further damage to your piece. Jackson Square Fine Jewelers offers many jewelry repair services such as ring sizing, watch repairs, restringing, and many more. Our highly trained employees can tackle nearly any task and will work to deliver great care in restoring and repairing your jewelry.

Each jewelry maintenance and repair service that we offer at Jackson Square Fine Jewelers works to help you preserve the value of your precious jewelry piece. At Jackson Square Fine, we work to not only deliver the best jewelry but also help customers with the upkeep. We offer a variety of services to help customers throughout generations in all of their jewelry needs. Our repair services are unmatched, as we work to provide knowledge through certified and friendly staff. 

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