Finding a watchmaker to work on your Rolex and Swiss Watch can be a daunting task. Naturally, you want the best watchmaker because you have invested a good amount of money in it. It may be something you wear every day.

Where Can You Get Your Watch Repaired?

Our Rolex watch repairmen are the best. They have exceptional training and equipment that every watchmaker dreams of – mostly all of our servicing can be done in house right here in Redwood City.

Which Watches Can Be Repaired?

Almost any watch can be repaired, but badly damaged for lower-cost watches may cost just as much to replace them as it would to fix them. A watch may be worth repairing even if the repair cost is large if the fine watch holds any sort of sentimental value to you.

How Often Should You Get Your Watch Serviced?

If you are going to use your watch on a daily basis, you should get your watch serviced when you first purchase it and then again every few years after that. You shouldn’t wait for a problem to occur with your watch before you take it to get serviced. Routine upkeep keeps your prized fine watch running in great condition. If you own a vintage watch that you aren’t going to wear, you should have it inspected to make sure you have an accurate idea of what you actually own.

If your watch ever gets wet, you should get the movement cleaned. Don’t trust “water proofing” on vintage watches, either – rust is the biggest threat to vintage fine watches.

Signs To Look For In a Watchmaker

Watchmakers tend to work on multiple watches at a time. Look carefully at the watches that the watchmaker is working on – a fine watchmaker will be working on similar pieces.

To find a reputable watchmaker, look for a quiet introvert sitting in a small room away from the public eye, and they will be your watchmaker. How do you find this person? Contact the fine jewelers at Jackson Square. We are proudly serving customers in San Carlos, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, and Redwood City, and would love to serve you, too.