Choosing a watch can be intimidating if you aren’t prepared. Watches are popular accessories for men and women that have made a comeback in recent years. Whether you are a watch aficionado or are simply looking to add an accessory to your wardrobe, follow these guidelines to find the perfect watch for you.

Consider Your Budget

When you’re in the market for a new watch, you need to establish your price range before you begin searching. Do you want something casual under $100 that you could get multiple versions of? Or, do you want something high quality that’s over $1000 and can last as long as you wear it? Having a set budget will allow you to focus your time when browsing through a store and will keep you financially responsible.

Pick Your Style

A watch can say a lot about you, so what do you want it to say? If you are looking for a watch that fits an active lifestyle, try something casual and digital with a rubber band. For the business professional, a stainless steel watch with a metal analog might be more suitable. Don’t be afraid to ignore the current fad, a watch should be personal and just as appealing to you as everyone else. However, don’t get too crazy with the style by adding materials like rubies and sapphires. It might look great on a famous rap star, but it probably won’t be very practical for the average consumer.

Do Some Research

Check online for manufacturer ratings on things like durability and water-resistance. There’s nothing worse than having a watch break down shortly after purchasing, or not performing with water as advertised. Compare and contrast different manufacturers and see what others are saying about the product. A watch is an investment, one that should be carefully calculated and cherished.

Make Sure it Fits

In addition to the in-store fitting you will encounter, reflect on your body type when picking a new watch. If you’re a smaller 4’11 female, a huge face and band is likely not for you. Many consumers make this mistake when scouting for watches, and it has the tendency to lead to buyer remorse. A watch should compliment your figure, not draw attention to it.

Analog vs. Digital

Choosing between an analog and digital watch is entirely up to personal preference. Some people prefer digital watches because their display is simpler to read, although it can be harder to set this type of watch. Others enjoy the timeless sundial-like display of an analog watch, even if it doesn’t come with as many features as a digital watch. Most digital watches are more functional, whereas top designers generally opt for analog.