Here at Jackson Square, we believe repurposing, reusing, and restoring fine jewelry not only benefits you as a customer, but also the planet! These all have broad applications in the fine jewelry and fine watch trade. We love this concept of repurposing fine jewelry and are passionate about its many applications.

From Worn Out to Brand New

We buy a piece of fine jewelry from a person who hasn’t used or worn the item for years. It has been in a closet, in a jewelry box going unnoticed, not appreciated. Its original purpose is no longer applicable, faded, lost, and maybe out of fashion!

Let’s say someone brings in a faded, diamond ring that goes unworn. The diamond becomes part of a new engagement ring that our customer intends to use to propose. The gold from the ring that held the diamond receives a process that gold must go through in order to become more suitable for use and application in the making of new gold jewelry- we call this process casting grain. This process creates gold that is ready to be repurposed as a new ring, earring, and/or bracelet.

Repurpose Fine Jewelry for a Better Tomorrow

Your current jewelry box is a treasure trove. You should consider repairing, repurposing, and reusing the pieces you have before you hit the stores for new jewelry. It is a great way to save some money, contribute to overall environmental conservation and you’ll create a unique jewelry collection all your own.

Even though your small ring or necklace may not take up much space, it will take years and years to decompose in a landfill. By reusing your old jewelry, you are taking steps to ensure a healthier and happier environment for years to come. That’s why here at Jackson Square we would rather your old jewelry be repurposed by our team than get sent off to a landfill.

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