Sometimes a client will ask me, “what is the most popular shape of diamond?” With which I always reply, “a round diamond”, known in the trade as the round brilliant cut or RBC for short. Next would be the princess cut, which is a square shape diamond. Those 2 shapes are by far the most popular with the round being a lot more desired than the square. The remaining “fancy” shapes (oval, pear, emerald & others) lag far behind the 2 front runners… with the heart shape bringing up the rear.

The question is, why does it matter? For me it matters for mainly this reason: value. The more popular shapes, round and square, have a higher demand, higher cost and thus higher value. That of course is from a business view point. From a client view point, what is more valuable might not be as important as to what she likes best. What a person happens to likes best can’t be easily explained. It is all about our own personal esthetics. We like what we like!

If by chance there is not a strong preference one way or another, the top 2 shapes are recommended. That would be a situation where “shape” matters. Yes the client will pay a higher percentage for them, but one day, that diamond will be valued again, and the owner will be glad it has a higher value. Diamonds find new “homes” for a variety  of reasons… whatever the case may be. A round shape next to an oval shape with the same characteristics (weight, color, clarity, cut) will always be more valuable.


Dan Warren

Jackson Square Fine Jewelers, Owner