Schools out, winter’s over and summer is here! As the temperatures rise and more and more people plan get-togethers and other outdoor activities, the possibility of your jewelry becoming dirty or damaged increases. If some accident should occur and your jewelry should become damaged, do you know who you’ll take it to?

If the jewelry is relatively inexpensive, you may not find repair as worthwhile as simply replacing the item, however, if you are in need of fine jewelry repair and need someone with a wide skill set to complete it, we’d love to help.

We have the experience and expertise necessary to both clean and repair any of your find jewelry that should become dirty or damaged. We even offer Rolex watch repair and are an authorized dealer and distributor of both it and other brands of jewelry. We have a history of excellence and so you know when you take your jewelry off your hands and place it in ours, you can trust us to treat it with the best of care, knowing it and the memories it represents are in safe hands.

So throughout the summer if you find yourself in need of jewelry repair or simply want to schedule some cleaning or regular maintenance, come see us in Redwood City, CA or Menlo Park, CA. You can count us to keep