If you’re looking for a convenient way to sell your jewelry, try stores that offer consignment. Jewelry stores often offer consignment services which allow you to sell jewelry on consignment. This convenient service allows you to buy or sell jewelry. If you have a vintage piece of jewelry you’ve been holding onto, consignment stores make a great option. Consignment is when you entrust a store that deals with jewelry and other precious metal products to showcase your jewelry for selling. Customers can take a look as they browse, and if they wish to buy your jewelry, the jewelry store will sell it on your behalf.

The Consignment Process

Consignment is offered when the client, who is looking to sell, is ok with leaving their items for resale in our store. The benefit is that the owner of the consignment item will net more money when the items finds a new home and is sold. The benefit for us at Jackson Square is that we don’t have to invest in the purchase of the items upfront and thus have a lower cost in the piece that is on consignment. We establish our consignments values on a net basis to the client who is consigning the item. We find that our clients through the years like knowing what dollar amount they will receive when the item sells. Typically a percentage split is agreed to for example, and the owner receives 60% of the sale and the store receives 40% of the sale. We establish a value amount up front for the owner when it sells, and we try to sell it above that amount for our profit. It may sound a little confusing, but when you come in we explain it very clearly for you so you can decide if this is something that might work for you.

Selling & Repurposing VS Consigning

Some Clients are more interested in selling their items. There are many reasons to sell. The most common is that the item is just not wanted any more, but can also be that the person needs some extra cash. The benefit of selling versus consigning is that you get your money right away. You will often however get more money from a consignment deal as the shop isn’t having to put money in up front. The other very important idea to consider is that it is really beneficial to repurpose or recycle your jewelry. That old broken and scrap jewelry sitting at the bottom of your jewelry box can result in cash for you and the jewelry be reborn as a new piece of beautiful jewelry. This results in less digging in the earth and less environmental impact.

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