We recently had a person stop by who wanted us to size her finger. She asked to see how a 3 mm ring would fit. Then she wanted to see how three 3 mm rings worn together at the same time would fit. She asked us if she could try three of our bands together.

We tried our best to accommodate her. After she was done she said, “thank you” and walked out.

This situation is becoming more and more common. We first saw it with Rolex watches seven to  eight years ago. Guys would come in and ask to see a particular Rolex. They would try them on, check them out and say, “ thank you”…and we would never see them again.

This is one of the reasons we why we don’t have many Rolex’s in stock anymore. It is expensive to warehouse high $$$ watches for guys who “use us”, only then to buy that same watch on the web.

I understand  that “the times are a changing”. More and more purchases are moving to the web. I get it and in many ways welcome it. Nothing stays the same. You have to be able to adjust with the trends. That said, there will always be certain needs that are best served with face to face contact. Sizing a ring for example, like the lady above, can be done online. There are methods available. But if you do it wrong, then you have to have your ring re-sized or in some cases re-made. But, having a jeweler do it really increases the chances of getting it right!

All we ask is that when you do indeed need that “service” that is best done on a “face to face” basis, be upfront about your needs. Just say, “I am looking at a ring on the web to buy and want to make sure I get it with my correct ring size. Can you guys size my finger? Is there a small fee for that?”. We will do our best to help you out. We know that when the time comes again for a “face to face” need, we hope you will come to us for that service. We want to create “good will” as best we can. Thus, we are happy to size a ring, verify that Rolex is real, verify that a diamond is not a CZ and so on.

The internet will continue to be the driving force in all commerce to come. But, there will always be those services best done with “face to face” contact and interaction.


Dan Warren

Jackson Square Fine Jewelers