Trend 1: Layering

Layering bracelets and necklaces, and stacking rings, is red-hot for 2020. With necklaces, you can go bold or delicate. The difference in lengths can be dramatic or subtle. The goal is to be unique. The combinations are endless.

When you layer bracelets, try a chain link, a tennis bracelet, and a bangle (or two!) to create a personalized look. For rings, stacking is a modern, up-to-date style that allows you to showcase more than one ring. Don’t be afraid to incorporate stones – stack those diamonds with a colored stone band for a snappy pop of color.

Fuse other trends as you layer. From the 1980s, the personalized touch is making a big revival with initials, names, and meaningful dates or phrases. From the same era, chain-link necklaces and bracelets are once again very on-trend.

Trend 2: Mixed Metals

We know, Mama always said to stick to white or yellow gold – no mixing! But times have changed and mixing your metals is a fabulous look. Necklaces, bracelets, rings – as you layer, feel free to mix all the metals.

Yellow gold earrings, paired with a stacked combination of white and yellow gold bracelets and a white gold ring? You bet! Plus add in all the rose gold you want and you’ll be trendy as ever!

Trend 3: Engagement Rings

The exception to stacking is engagement rings. The trend now is to wear it alone to let your diamond take center stage. After the “I dos,” jazz up your solitaire with stackables of all colors and shapes. The iconic solitaire with a round, radiant, or oval cut is making a comeback in a big way. (For something a little more unique, see trend #4 for a vintage cut that is currently in vogue.)
Classic yet popular is a trend we can get behind, especially for a ring you’ll treasure for the rest of your life.

Trend 4: Stone Cuts and Colors

For engagement rings and beyond, the shift is away from pear cut to round, radiant and oval. A surprising trend is making a big comeback from the Victorian era: the rose cut diamond, so named for its resemblance to the most romantic of flowers. A rose cut has a flattened bottom and a domed top with three to twenty-four facets. The flat foundation gives the illusion of a larger surface for the diamond to sparkle, and no facets on the underside give the gem a lovely transparent, airy look.
While diamonds will always be a girl’s best friend, colored stones are chic and trendy for 2020. Most popular for this year: emeralds, sapphires, and light blue stones such as aquamarine and topaz. They are dazzling in any setting, from vintage to classic to contemporary.

Trend 5: Big Hoops

For earrings, we have two words: big hoops. The best thing about this trend is the flexibility. You will look equally fabulous wearing them with a cocktail dress or paired with a denim jacket. Hoops show off well with a low, sleek ponytail – and bigger ones go great with loose waves. Go with a medium hoop for work or a relaxed fit, and go huge for an entertaining night out. In keeping with the layering trend, these earrings look fantastic with multiple ear piercings – wear your large hoops in the lobe and smaller hoops and studs up the side of your ear. Plus don’t forget to add in a cute cuff hoop to add in extra sparkle.

When wearing any of this year’s trends, don’t be afraid to experiment. Wear the jewelry you love and feel happy in – don’t wait for a special occasion.

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