We are thankful for the opportunity to serve the Redwood City area with our services. Here at Jackson Square, we value quality jewelry, but we value our quality customers even more. We know that your jewelry can have significance to you. We greatly appreciate any time someone chooses to bring us their valued piece, and we have committed to giving the best service in all things jewelry. Whether that be buying and consignment, jewelry repair, or Rolex and Swiss watch repair.

When deciding to sell your jewelry, gold, or other precious metals it is important to choose a place that will give you honest feedback on what you have.

What We Buy

We are long-time fine jewelers and are always looking for estate (used) jewelry, and fine watches to buy for our store’s inventory. We buy gold, platinum, and sterling silver jewelry in any condition, many Swiss and German watches, diamonds (usually ½ carat and above), many color stones, and sterling silver sets (including bowls, trays, teapots, knives, spoons, and forks). In addition, we buy gold, platinum, and silver coins along with precious metals for industrial and or high-tech applications. If you aren’t sure what you have, just bring it in! We are happy to let you know what you have.

Trustworthy and Honest Appraisals

The value of gold and other precious metals can change and fluctuate over the years, but we do not change our honest feedback on what your item is worth. We offer both verbal and written appraisals on your items. Our verbal appraisals are free of charge. Our written appraisal is usually more formal and detailed. Written appraisals include a small charge and the cost depends on how much time it will take to complete.

A verbal appraisal is when you have the items you are considering selling, but would like to get an idea of value. We evaluate the item as you watch and let you know what you might get for it. We do this service all the time, and of course, you are not obligated to sell in any way. It usually doesn’t take much time and we will give you an explanation as to how we arrive at the value. Most clients like knowing how this works and find it very interesting. We want it to make logical sense to you, the seller.

A written appraisal, is usually for insurance replacement, and/or estate planning and valuing. This takes more time because of the research that is required for retail market value (wholesale value when it comes to estate value) and the written documentation for it).

We Value Our Customers More

As mentioned earlier we value your quality items, but we value you the customer more. If you are looking to sell your jewelry and want honest feedback on what you have, contact Jackson Square. We would love to see you and the items you are considering selling.