Nobody wants their jewelry to blend in with the crowd. With countless styles, stones, and cuts to choose from, the entire jewelry industry revolves around creating a unique piece that you can be proud to wear. Sometimes that unique touch comes in the form of an unusual metal. We’ve listed 3 great options for you below.


Meteorite has been used in jewelry for centuries and at one point was believed to have mystical properties. There are three types of meteorite: stony, iron, and stony-iron. Stony meteorite is the most common type to find in vintage jewelry, but modern pieces typically use iron meteorite.

Iron meteorite has a distinctive cross-hatch crystal pattern that forms from the material slowly cooling over very long periods of time. It’s still rare to find it in most jewelry, but it’s becoming an increasingly popular choice for custom pieces. You can find it in bracelets, pendants, men’s rings, cufflinks, watch dials, and more.


If you’re looking for something different from your standard white gold, you might want to take palladium for a spin. It comes from the same family as platinum, but is lighter weight and more easily shaped. Like gold, it is hypoallergenic, but unlike white gold, it doesn’t need to be plated in rhodium to maintain a high level of shine. Palladium is the newest of the noble metals, and one of the rarest — it is only found in Siberia, South Africa, The United States, Canada, and Ethiopia.


While not considered a luxury or fine metal, titanium is rapidly becoming a popular choice for jewelry, particularly men’s jewelry. It’s a great choice for men who will be working with their hands and don’t want to risk damaging a softer metal — at 45% stronger than steel, titanium is the strongest natural metal on earth when pure, and it only increases in strength when alloyed with other metals. As an added bonus, it has a unique grayish color that gives a more rugged look than white or yellow gold.

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