What We Buy

Gold, Platinum and Silver Scrap Jewelry

This could be old broken, and/or very used jewelry. It could be a single gold hoop earring. It could be a chain or necklace that is twisted or kinked. A bracelet with a clasp that no longer works. It could be a ring with a missing stone that is not worth replacing. Anything that happens to be at the bottom of your jewelry box that is just sitting there doing nothing.

Gold, Platinum and Silver Jewelry that You “Don’t Wear or Use”

Sometimes what you liked at one point in your life (years before), you may no longer like in present time. It could be as simple as your style and taste has change. It could be that the jewelry is dated in its style and design. An example of this is the Omega necklace.

Gold, Platinum and Silver Jewelry that Was “Given to You”

Something you received as a teenager. A gift from an old past relationship. An engagement ring that didn’t work out. It could be a ring from your Aunt Ida that you know you will never wear, or it could be something that was left to you from a relative who passed away. While some it you might keep because you like i some, once again, you know it will just sit. Might as well do something with it.

Diamond Jewelry

This could be an old wedding ring, stud earrings, or a diamond in-line bracelet (tennis bracelet). There are lots of examples of diamond jewelry. It all has value to us. The diamond and or diamonds are the main value of diamond jewelry. We start there. We evaluate the diamond first. We do that in a very systematic way that will make sense to you and will give you an insight to how diamonds are bought and sold in the jewelry and diamond trade. Most people find it very interesting and helpful to the overall understanding of the process.

Swiss & German Fine Watches

Most are actually Swiss watches like Rolex, Cartier, Patek and many others. We are interested in all of them. We have our own in house watch service center. In many cases, we will service, restore, and find “new homes” for these watches. We have many clients looking for them. What can’t be fixed, we will save and use them as a source for hard to find watch parts. It’s a great way to extend the useful life of these fine watches for the coming years.

Old Pocket Watches

These old time keepers from days gone by have value mainly in a few areas. Some of them can be very collectable. What makes a pocket watch collectable and this is in general terms, is who made the watch, and what does the pocket watch do? For example, some old Swiss brands are very desirable. If the pocket watch has some complicated functions like, moon phase, chronograph, and or a repeater function the value can be high. If it is just a basic watch with hours, minutes and seconds then the value will be in most cases  the value of the gold the watch is made of. Keep in mind, pocket watches are fairly common. Even though they are over 70 to 80 years old, people tended to keep them around even after they switch over to a wrist watch.

Sterling Silver Ware Sets (spoons, forks, knives, trays, bowls etc.)

These old sets are culturally from “earlier generations”. Receiving a sterling silver set at your wedding was a tradition. But, for the past, say 30 to 40 years, not so much anymore. Those of us who have a set sometimes offer them to our kids. When our kids indicate it’s something they don’t want for whatever reason, the set does have value for its silver content. Two things to keep in mind: silver is at a pretty good price these days and, these sets will be repurposed, recycle, if you will, into a “new life”. It will become something that is actually used in some way. That is not only good for your wallet $$ wise, it’s very good for the environment.

Gold, Silver and Platinum Coins

USA silver coins (dimes, quarters and halves), 1964 and prior have “silver value”. The value is based on the silver spot price at any given time. USA gold coins have values based on the gold spot price as well. USA gold coins are older mainly from the 1920s and before. Gold and silver coins from other countries have value too. These coins in general terms are circulated coins. In present day, there are what we refer to as “bullion” coins. These coins are issued (made) by different national governments. These coins value and cost closely to the gold and silver markets. The USA does this as well. They are called “Eagles” gold and silver Eagles (platinum too). They are issued in specific weights. Each country has their own coins. For example, for Canada they are called Maple Leafs, and in South Africa they are called Krugerrands.

Keep in mind that coins also can have Numismatic (collector) value. This usually depends, in general terms, on condition of the coins and how nice it looks with rarity of the coin. Most coins though have little collector value mainly because of condition and that they are not all that rare.

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