Here at Jackson Square, we believe in repurposing, reusing, and restoring old jewelry. You may have heard it said, one man’s trash, is another man’s treasure. However, each piece, we believe, is a treasure whether old or new just waiting to be found by the right person. You may have seen that we like to say, not the end of the story. The story of each piece of jewelry can live on if given the chance. We have confidence in our abilities to restore your old, unwanted jewelry. When you bring in your unwanted jewelry you are opening a door of many possibilities for the piece to bless someone else.

Helping The Planet

It is no secret that many old, unwanted things just get tossed to the wind and aren’t given a second glance. This even includes jewelry in many cases. By making a point to bring your jewelry to Jackson Square you are aiding in keeping that much more from just ending up in a landfill where it does no good, and in fact, can do harm. We love repurposing because we know it helps on many levels. Why not keep a good item from going to waste? We make it easy for you to bring in your jewelry by offering free verbal appraisals. We have an experienced team, and we offer free verbal appraisals all the time. There is no obligation to sell, and we will give an explanation of how we got to the appraisal we give you.

Giving Someone The Chance of New Treasure

As the story goes, an old item sitting in a jewelry box collecting dust. Not being used and loved as it could be. But when you bring in that item, we can give it new life. The reasons for selling are endless. Why not bring in your jewelry and turn it into money that can be used for another purpose? We can then restore it, and turn it into something new. In turn, it gives the chance of someone find the perfect gift for a loved one or a new treasure for themselves. We take care in what we do. We love continuing the story for jewelry.

It is not the end of the story for your old jewelry. We take pride in giving you the chance of a new chapter for your unwanted jewelry. That’s just what it is. A new chapter in the never-ending story of a beautiful treasure. If you are interested in selling your old jewelry feel free to bring it in. If you have any questions please contact us. We would love to answer.