If you’ve been in any relationship for any length of time, you might be considering purchasing jewelry for that special loved one. Sometimes this can be an intimidating process in that buying jewelry is a lot like buying clothes for someone. Everyone has those personal style preferences that are unique to them and it can be difficult trying to find that perfect item that says what you feel in the best way.

If you’re finding the process difficult, here are a few suggestions that might make it a little easier to do.

Listen to Your Loved One

If that special someone mentions items they see in a magazine or comments on jewelry someone else is wearing, this may be indicative or the style they like most.

Look at Them

We dress for various occasions and while what we wear will change based on the formality required, if you’re observant you’ll start to notice trends, staples in their collection that they tend to gravitate towards and wear most often. If your loved one tends to cater to a certain style or type of jewelry, you can use that as a guide for your next purchase.

Assess Their Tastes

Using what you’ve learned, expand upon that and look at their entire wardrobe. Look at their clothes, the shoes they wear and the look they go for most often. This will allow you to buy a piece of jewelry that will complement their style and who they are in a way that will let them know you’ve been paying attention.

Don’t Run to Rings

Unless your intent is to enter into some serious declaration of commitment or to ask for their hand in marriage, don’t run to purchase a ring. Rings involve a lot of symbolism and it may be a little much for where you are in the relationship and communicate things you didn’t know you were saying. Also, variety is nice and your loved ones may appreciate a bracelet, a watch or earrings that they can change with their outfits.

Don’t Be Afraid to Call in Reinforcements

If you don’t know, ask. Close friends and relatives probably know them better and definitely longer than you have. Take advantage of their experience and ask them what your loved one prefers. Knowing them like they do and having spent as much time with them as they have, they’re bound to know a few of their preferences. Better to benefit from their experience than demonstrate your lack therein.

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