Gold Buying & More

As long time fine jewelers we are always looking for estate (used) jewelry, and fine watches to buy for our store’s inventory. We buy gold, platinum, and sterling silver jewelry in any condition, many Swiss and German watches, diamonds (usually ½ carat and above), many color stones, sterling silver sets (including bowls, trays, tea pots, knives, spoons and forks). In addition, we buy gold, platinum and silver coins along with precious metals for industrial and or high tech application.

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What we buy…

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We offer both verbal and written appraisals on the items you have. Our verbal appraisals are Free – No Charge! A written appraisal which is usually more formal and detailed includes is a small charge, and the cost depending on how much time it will take to complete.

A verbal appraisal is when you have your items (diamond and gold jewelry, and or a Rolex watch for example) you are considering selling, but would like to get an idea of value. We evaluate the item as you watch and let you know what you might get for it. We do this service all the time, and of course you are not obligated to sell in any way. It usually doesn’t take much time and we will give you an explanation as to how we arrive at the $$$ value. Most clients like knowing how this works and find it very interesting. We want it to make logical sence to you, the seller.

A written appraisal, is usually for insurance replacement, and/or estate planning and valuing. This takes more time because of the research that is required for retail market value (whole sale value when it comes to estate value) and the written documentation for it).


This service is offered when the client, who is looking to sell, are ok with leaving their items for resale in our store. The benefit is that the owner of the consignment item will net more $$$ when the items finds a new home and is sold. The benefit for us (our store) is that we don’t have to invest in the purchase of the items upfront and there for have a lower cost in the piece that is on consignment. We establish our consignments values on a net basis to the client who is consigning the item. We find that our client through the years we have been in business like knowing what dollar amount they will receive when the item sells. That system is opposed to doing consignments on a “split sale” basis that a lot of consignment places like to do. A percentage split is agreed to for example, and the owner receives 60% of the sale and the store receives 40% of the sale. To be clear, We don’t do our consignments that way. We establish a value amount up front for the owner when it sells, and we try to sell it above that amount for our profit. It may sound a little confusing, but when you come in we explain it very clearly for you so you can decide if this is something that might work for you.

Most clients are usually most interested in selling their items. There are many reasons for “selling”. The most common is that the item is just not wanted any more. It’s as simple as that. And why not turn that item into $$$ that can be used for another situation or purpose. For example, vacation funds, helping with school tuition for a college student, buying something else or just  paying off an old bill… the reasons are endless.

The other very important idea to consider is that it is really good to repurpose the item – recycle if you will. That old broken and scrap jewelry sitting at the bottom of your jewelry box can result in $$$ for you and the jewelry become repurposed as a new gold ring, bracelet or any numerous new applications. That old sterling set that is in storage in your garage that your kids don’t want, etc. That silver becomes repurposed as new jewelry, silver coins and bars, industrial applications. The net result is less digging in the earth, less environmental impact .

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