Many of our clients don’t realize this, but we offer a verification service to those who are interested in buying a Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe and other fine watches from a web posting. We know that sometimes a person will see a Rolex they like on a website…..let’s say, Craigslist. They contact the seller and work out a deal between them. With that completed, the buyer then would like to get the Rolex verified (authenticated) just to make sure everything is legitimate and real.

Here at Jackson Square, we will do that for the buyer for a small fee. The buyer is happy to pay the fee for the peace of mind knowing that the Rolex is indeed real….and not a fake! These days the fakes coming out of Asia are really amazing. It takes a trained eye to be able to know the difference.  The buyer and seller will meet at Jackson Square. We take a look at the Rolex and basically let the buyer know what we see. We do not involve ourselves in the sale between them. We are only there in this situation to verify the watch.

We are happy to do this mainly because we create “good will” for us with both the seller and the buyer. It also helps make “web purchases” safer. That may sound odd for us to say that, since we sell pre-owned Rolexes as well, but we know the trend is going in that direction. Offering this service is our way of adjusting with the times.

We invite you to use our “making sure the watch (Rolex Omega, Cartier and others) is real” whenever you may need it. We do it for Diamonds too!