There’re certain moments that let you know that you’ve made it in life. Certain purchases that are benchmarks indicating that you’ve arrived or at least are on your way.

For some it’s a house, for others it’s a car, and for the discerning few…a watch.

Rolex has made its name by being the watch of the discerning. This might be due to the fact that the construction of the watch itself is a physical testimony of those who are exercise discernment.

The construction is flawless, the movements are gracious and the craftsmanship exquisite. This all comes together in perfect balance to showcase the perfect timekeeping instrument; a watch that you can be proud to wear for years to come.

We understand the investment that comes with purchasing a Rolex and the pride that comes In owning one. That’s why we offer Rolex watch repair. With us you’ll find the same discernment that you used when buying the watch and that they used when making it. We take our time and make sure that every action is precise and flawless so that the watch return is even better than when you left it with us.

Greatness is leaves clues. This is one of them.

If your Rolex is in need of repairs, come see us at our locations in San Carlos, Menlo Park or Redwood City, CA and let us know how we can serve you.