It seems like with every passing year, the meaning associated with rings increases and thus the number of rings necessary increases. There are class rings, promise rings, engagement rings, wedding rings, anniversary rings, fraternal rings and signet rings, just to name a few. In addition to adding to the number of rings, the specific fingers on which rings may be worn has become broader and more in vogue as well. For example, signet rings are generally worn on the little or “pinkie” finger, while engagement rings are worn on the “ring finger” of the left hand.

While we have no problem with rings or the growing fascination with the ever lengthening list of possible applications and meanings, we also want to caution you about running to a ring every time you want to express your feelings. There are lots of options out there for you to consider! Necklaces, bracelets, ear rings, watches…

As one of the premiere jewelry buyers in the area, we carry a wide variety of items, including estate jewelry that can be used to make your feelings known to the one you love. We also specialize in fine jewelry repair and Rolex watch repair if you want to return a piece to its former luster.

So go ahead and buy a ring if that’s what you really want, we’ll even help you find the perfect piece with which to express yourself, but don’t forget about all the other jewelry that you can give as well. To see our current offerings, come visit our locations in San Carlos, Menlo Park, Redwood City, or Palo Alto, CA and let us help you make a memory.