If you watch the progression of fashion and style, you’ll notice that very few things are invested so much as they are rediscovered. Every new trend is just an old trend reimagined and styles are just repackaged for a new generation to enjoy. This gravitation towards retro style, isn’t limited to clothes, but applies to jewelry as well.

Estate jewelry and estate sales have never been higher due to the growing fascination in reclaiming what was old in order to make it new. This is why Rolex watch repair is in such demand. Those who purchase the watch want it restored to its former glory so that they can enjoy the same luster that was admired by the original owner. We can repair a Rolex, but we also do other fine jewelry repair for our clients and can help you find exactly the right piece with which to express your feelings. As one of the premiere gold buyers, silver buyers and jewelry buyers in the region, we’re certain we have the right item for you.

So come visit any of our locations Redwood City and let us know how we can help you.