Over time, even your luxury watch may start to lose its luster and precision. At Jackson Square Fine Jewelers, we’ve perfected our cleaning and refinishing services, restoring all of your watch’s brilliance and shine.

A majority of watches, being mechanical devices full of moving parts, gradually wear and tear as time passes. By thoroughly disassembling and assessing the state of your watch, our watchmaker, Mike, can tailor our cleaning services specifically for you. Mike has been with Jackson Square for over 17 years working on hundreds of fine Swiss watches. He has mastered the art of watchmaking through his attention to detail in making sure every little part is cleaned properly and placed back in the watch. If you have had your Rolex serviced by us in the past, more than likely it was Mike who worked on it!

After diagnosis, Mike will meticulously remove all traces of contamination on the watchband and the case itself. All disassembled parts are treated in a special solution. By gently stirring the solution, we are able to cleanse dust, debris, and corrosion. When Mike applies buffing and polishing equipment to the surfaces of watches, he removes all superficial scratches and beatings. In the safe hands of our highly skilled technician and specialist, an old and dirty watch can be restored to mint-like condition. Be they plain or intricate in their design, we clean and resurface bands and old metal cases alike. When you trust us with your watch, we aspire to return it to you at its most beautiful.

If you have a vintage watch that you would like to see looking brand new again, then a complete professional restoration may be exactly what you’re seeking. We do everything possible that we can to ensure your watch runs as smoothly as it did out of the factory – encompassing servicing to the case, dial, hands, crystal, band, and more. 

Your watch will faithfully be restored, artistically and mechanically. We are a specialized repair shop, and we do not compromise in any of our efforts to restore and beautify your timepiece. Coupled with our cleaning services, almost all our stock watches come with an in-store warranty for authenticity, timekeeping, and water resistance. By keeping to a habit of regular maintenance, owners can increase the longevity of their luxury watches.

We service and overhaul almost all Rolex watches on site. We also can service most other fine Swiss and German-made watches. From a simple battery replacement to the complete servicing of a complicated mechanical watch, we can do the work in a timely fashion with a service warranty. We have been servicing fine watches for over 20 years. We also restore and service our stock Rolexes and other fine makes as well before they go into our showroom cases.

  • Batteries while you wait
  • Watch bracelet adjustments while you wait
  • Replacement straps for most watches
  • Watch refinishing services – makes the outside of your watch look almost new again
  • Water-resistance checking
  • Dial refinishing
  • Time check (slow or fast) while you wait
  • Full service, in house for most mechanical watches – Rolex, Omega, Ulysses Nardin, and most others

Our cleaning machine cleans all of the little parts of the watch movement to get ready to be freshly lubricated and carefully put back together for the watch to run smoothly again.

Contact us today! All work is guaranteed!