A watch is an essential accessory that no man is complete without. An item you wear practically every day, your watch is like an extension of yourself and as such, must be perfect.

When it’s time to choose a new timepiece you should, of course, be on the lookout for something that’s stylish and functional, but you should also seek something that represents your personality. By choosing a watch that suits your personality, you’ll find that it also suits your wardrobe and your lifestyle. 

Whether you’re the outdoorsy type, a thrill-seeker, or love a bit of luxury, your perfect watch will match your personality. Put it first when shopping, and your new accessory addition will meet your needs in every way.

The Outdoor Man

If you can’t get enough of the outdoors, then you need a watch that’ll live up to the challenge. To find your perfect timepiece, forget showy and decadent designs and opt for something more functional and appropriate. Running and fitness watches make a great choice for your active lifestyle and are often built for the outdoors. Not only will they be able to keep up with your on-the-go energy but they’ll also record and track your adventures. Whether you’re hiking, mountain biking, or simply going for a run, the right watch will see you through. After all, these smart gadgets are designed for active lives. Some even have built-in GPS to track where your wandering feet take you, while others boast water resistance in case you get caught out in the rain. Just remember to choose a style that’s easy to see in different lights and conditions.

The Thrill Seeker Man

If you’re known to spend more time up in the air than on the ground, chances are you’re a thrill-seeker. If this sounds like you, then you’ll find your perfect watch pairing to be a pilot watch. Inspired by aviation, pilot watches have a rich history and played an important part during the World Wars. Today, pilot watches boast impressive features and stylish design that’s ideal for the modern gent. Combining technical aspects, such as flight timers, compasses, GPS, pilot’s logbooks, and airport databases, with an easy-to-read appearance, pilot watches are both functional and sleek. Whether you’re the kind of thrill-seeker who likes things to appear polished and suave or the kind who prefers bold and high-tech designs, you’ll be able to find a pilot’s watch that’ll get your heart racing.

The Active Man

The active man can’t just have any old watch. He needs one that’s going to keep up with his busy lifestyle and take him from the gym to work and home for his evening run. That’s why, if you’re an active man, you should consider running and fitness watches as your ideal timepieces. Not only will these wrist-worn gadgets measure and track your exercise and movement, but they’ll help you train and improve your personal bests. To find your perfect fitness watch, be sure to choose one with functions that suit your needs, be it measurements for heart rate, speed or distance, audio prompts, or the ability to set training programs and compete against previous workouts. On top of that, be sure to get the most out of your watch and workout by choosing a light, comfortable, and practical design with an athletic aesthetic.

The Minimalist Man

If your closet consists of clean designs, muted color palettes, and plenty of black and white, you’re likely a minimalist at heart. Although you may find accessories often unnecessary, a watch is an item you must own. Of course, no minimalist man would be caught dead in an ostentatious and over-the-top timepiece, so minimalist watches are the way to go. By maintaining your clean and fuss-free aesthetic with a simple watch, you’ll keep your style consistent and sharp. Opt for sleek and contemporary designs that feature a clear face, which is free from complicated dials and displays, for the perfect look. Also, keep an eye out for understated bands that border between modern and classic for a timeless appeal.

The Opulent Man

The opulent man demands a watch that’s luxurious and a little decadent. Only a real gold watch will have this desired effect and suit such high-class tastes. Not only does the shine of a gold watch make a great statement against a suit, but it also conjures images of power and grandeur. So, if you fancy yourself a high-roller, a gold watch can be your perfect accessory. Despite being a bold outfit addition, a gold watch is also timeless and refined. Just be aware, the style can’t be pulled off by anyone less than opulent, and having that little slice of luxury on your wrist may serve to make others quite jealous.

The Tough Man

If you fancy yourself a tough guy, you’re going to need a tough watch to match your personality. While some timepieces lend themselves to ostentatious and decorative designs, there’s one set that’ll have the masculine feel you need. Military and tactical watches feature rugged aesthetics combined with practical applications and durability. Undoubtedly tougher than other breeds of watches, military styles can withstand whatever you throw at them. Water resistance, night lights for evening adventures, and world time features are but a few of the great offerings these useful timepieces can provide. Although they tend to be chunky in design, there are some classic and slim military watches for the gent who’s both rugged and sophisticated. 

The Quirky Man

The quirky man is a gent who’s unique, comfortable in his skin, and not afraid to stand out from the crowd. If you’re a quirky man, then you need a unique watch to suit your personality. To find a timepiece that’s edgy and different without sacrificing style. Skeleton watches are designed to reveal the construction and mechanism behind the timepiece and allow you to admire its intricate inner workings. This point of difference makes skeleton watches stand out in a sea of conventional designs. While most guys would play it safe with something more traditional, the contemporary and quirky man can pull off these extraordinary watches with ease.

The Eco-Friendly Man

If you’re the kind of guy that loves nature and wants to preserve our environment, then a big hunk of plastic or metal probably isn’t for you. Instead, a wood watch makes an excellent choice for your personality. As well as being a more eco-friendly option, wood watches are also cool and unique, so you can make a statement while helping the environment. The unusual timepiece material adds an edge to outfits that other watches cannot, and its brown coloring is suitable to pair with many colors. On top of that, these wooden wonders are lightweight and comfortable to wear while often being much more affordable than other styles.

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