Simply put, if you’re jewelry has anything more than very light scratches (and by very light we mean extremely light) or has lots of scratches, it’s better to get it polished by a professional.

If the scratches are indeed very light, you can buff them with a polishing cloth that can be purchased at most stores.

Before using a polishing cloth, make sure your jewelry is clean. You can wipe the jewelry with a damp cloth dipped in soapy water.

Once it’s cleaned and dried, you can wipe it with the polishing cloth to shine it.

Do not rub gemstones with the cloth as you may damage them.

Professional Gold Polishing

If your gold jewelry has deeper scratches or an abundance of them, seek a professional to polish them. They have materials that are more abrasive than your typical polishing cloth and are often more effective.

How Often Should You Polish Gold Jewelry

The problem with polishing gold jewelry too often is that the process often removes a tiny layer off the piece’s surface to make it even again. Too many sessions can wear down your jewelry and even weaken it over time.

Once or twice a year should be plenty for a full polish, but you may use the polishing cloth as often as once every couple of months.

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