Whether you are shopping for a special occasion or for yourself, buying gold jewelry can be a fun and rewarding experience. Gold is a precious metal that keeps its value better than other metals. It is highly durable and will last a long time with proper care. However, buying gold jewelry can also be hard on a budget. The cost of gold varies greatly, depending on weight, karat and where you buy it. Because this special purchase is an investment that can last throughout a lifetime, learning how to buy gold jewelry will ensure you find quality pieces that will bring years of enjoyment.

Research and understand the karat amounts in gold jewelry and how that will influence the price and durability of each piece your are thinking about buying. Familiarize yourself with karat markings, as most pieces of gold jewelry are stamped with the particular karat quality, which is called a hallmark. The hallmark is typically found on the inside part of each gold piece, and will indicate the gold content. Consider the weight of gold and how that impacts the cost and durability before buying gold jewelry. Decide on the color of gold jewelry you prefer before shopping for gold jewelry, such as yellow gold, white, and rose. Ask the jewelry or salesperson about their return policies and certificates of authenticity when you buy gold jewelry. This will protect you as a customer should you need to return your jewelry.