Celebrations and seasons seem to come and go faster with each passing year.  We have recently come through a series of holidays, and as the remnants of winter décor and Valentine’s Day are packed away, folks will begin preparations for the next cycle of celebrations and seasons.  Winter is approaching the end of its chilly presence, and spring is starting to break through with new color and cheer. It’s a time of fresh starts, new beginnings, and even the traditional spring cleaning.  While going through our cleaning rituals, we often discover things that had been packed away for the winter, and one common discovery is jewelry.  Maybe it’s that watch that was in need of a band adjustment. Or a ring that needed a prong tightened in order to once again be worn with confidence.  Many times it seems easier just to tuck something away than to have it repaired, polished or adjusted in some way. This does not have to be the case.  Fine jewelry repair is a way to breathe new life, in the tradition of spring, into our valued treasures.

When it comes to watches, there are many areas that could benefit from a tune-up from a professional jeweler.  It could be the clasp, the band, or the inner workings themselves.  One must first consider if there is still a warranty on the watch.  If that is indeed the case, it is essential to go to the jeweler that will honor that specific watch’s warranty.  If it is not under warranty, it is best to find a jeweler that is qualified to provide expert service and repair to your keepsake.  Watches such as Rolex, or other fine quality pieces, deserve a reputable jeweler that will invest time and care into restoring such a valuable investment.  Rolex watch repair and other fine jewelry repair are just part of the professional services offered at Jackson Square.

Jewelry of value, be it sentimental or monetary, needs to be cared for if it is to bring the intended years of enjoyment.  Neglected repairs can lead to more damage or even loss, if not tended to expediently by qualified jewelry professionals.  Your jewelry can be inspected, repaired and returned to a beautiful luster so that it can once again be worn and displayed proudly. 

As you peruse the contents of forgotten boxes, you may also find pieces that are no longer of benefit or enjoyment to you.  You may have an invaluable opportunity to repurpose a treasured piece or components of your special piece.  The designers at Jackson Square can help transform the forgotten into a memorable item that could be part of a spring engagement or a graduation gift to be cherished. You may even want to take advantage of our jewelry appraisals.  Why not trust your valuables to gold and silver buyers that are knowledgeable and professional in every way?  With years of valuable research and experience, you will be placing your jewelry, fine silver, or watches in competent hands. 

To learn more about fine jewelry repair and other services available for your jewelry, contact one of the locations in San Carlos, CA, Menlo Park, CA, Redwood City, CA, or Palo Alto, CA and let us know how we can help you.