Repurposing, Reusing, and Restoring

When you are considering selling old and no longer used gold jewelry, watches, diamonds, coins both silver and gold etc. please keep in mind that this is only the start of the process of reusing, repurposing, restoring, and recycling those items to continue in some fashion to be useful and meaningful to the next group that will own them.

We are about repurposing, reusing, and restoring. These ideas have broad application in the fine jewelry and fine watch trade. We love this concept and are passionate about its many applications.

What We Do Everyday Here At Jackson Square Fine Jewelers

We buy a diamond ring from a person who hasnt used or worn the ring for years. It has been in a jewelry box going unnoticed, not appreciated. Its original purpose is no longer applicable, faded, and lost!

The diamond becomes part of a new engagement ring that our customer intends to use to propose. The gold from the ring that held the diamond receives a process that gold must go through in order to become more suitable for use and application in the making of new gold jewelry. We call it casting grain. Gold that is ready to be repurposed as a new ring, earring, and/or bracelet.

Help the Environment

It takes small steps, such as reusing items instead of throwing them away, to reduce landfills that cause environmental pollution. By reusing your jewelry, you could make a big contribution to reducing landfills in your city. This will also reduce emissions caused by garbage transporters.

Contact Us

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