While it may seem easy and straightforward to execute simple watch repairs such as changing the battery yourself, such repairs are actually much more complex than they might seem. The money you think you might save on a DIY watch repair can be immediately wiped out if you accidentally damage the fragile inner workings of the watch.

A watch movement has up to 500 moving parts. Unless you know what you are doing, it is easy to break or damage any of these parts or throw the entire movement out of alignment. This is especially true with mechanical watches, where the process of reconditioning involves an intricate process of detailing and repairing several small parts. At Jackson Square Fine Jewelers we also maintain a much cleaner environment than almost any home or apartment.  Its kept dust-free to avoid having dust settle into the movement of a watch which is almost impossible to detect but can severely damage a watch over time.

Keep Your Watch Running Smoothly

A watch that isnt telling time properly is little more than a bracelet. A watch should be a functional timekeeper, not just a piece of jewelry. Though there may be some value in the materials of a luxury watch, its a purpose-driven product thats meant to fulfill an important role in your daily life. Therefore, its important that your watch is kept in good running order, by having it repaired when necessary. You may feel like its okay to let the watch sit unused in a watch case, but watches are made to remain in motion. After all, a luxury watch is more than just a timepiece that youll use in your lifetime. Its also a potential heirloom that can be handed down to generations of family members. Making repairs when necessary ensure that your cherished watch will be available to be handed down in pristine condition. Keep it running by having an expert watch repair professional make the proper repairs whenever possible.

Our Services

We service and overhaul almost all Rolex watches on site. We also can service most other fine Swiss and German-made watches. From a simple battery replacement to the complete servicing of a complicated mechanical watch, we can do the work in a timely fashion with a service warranty. We have been servicing fine watches for over 20 years. We also restore and service our own stock Rolex’ and other fine makes as well before they go into our showroom cases. Most all our stock watches come with an in-store warranty for authenticity, timekeeping, and water resistance.

  • Batteries while you wait
  • Watch bracelet adjustments while you wait
  • Replacement straps for most watches
  • Watch refinishing services – makes the outside of your watch look almost new again
  • Water-resistance checking
  • Dial refinishing
  • Time check (slow or fast) while you wait
  • Full service, in-house for most mechanical watches – Rolex, Omega, Ulysses Nardin, and most others

Our cleaning machine cleans all the little parts of the watch movement to get ready to be freshly lubricated and carefully put back together in order for the watch to run smoothly again.

Contact Us 

If you have a watch that needs to be repaired or have questions about our services, get in touch with us today! You can fill out the contact form on our website or give us a call (650) 365-3000.